Monday, September 5, 2011

Smoking and Fashion

It still amazes me that smoking remains a feature of high profile editorials across the world. I know that as an Australian I am fortunate that smoking has been banned in advertisements, pubs, clubs, restaurants and some public areas.

I have noticed that Editorials shot by Australians rarely feature smoking. I presume that this is due to the laws in Australia and the message that the government are portraying about the health effects on smokers. Should the government ban images of smoking in magazines sold within Australia? Where does the control end?

In an interview Carine Roitfeld, an editor of French Vogue Magazine for 10 years talks about the regret she has for using cigarettes in so many of her fashion shoots.

2001, September 1, Carine Roitfeld: "I will never use a cigarette again in a photo shoot", Independent woman, viewed 05 September 2011, <>.

Here's a page dedicated to fashion photos featuring cigarettes:

Here's the shoot that got me thinking about this issue. The first shot is beautiful by the way.

Andresen, T 2011, Julie by Tommy Andresen for Touchpuppet, Touch Puppet, viewed 05 September 2011, <>

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