About me

I am 32 years old with a gorgeous wife and 15 month old  daughter. I am Australian and love this beautiful country although it could  do with a few more castles.

I have been in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) for nearly 15 years with the last 7 of those as a professional photographer. I have deployed on both war and peace time operations across the globe and have loved every minute of it.

In an effort to increase my formal qualifications in photography I enrolled in a Bachelor of Photography course with the Canberra Institute of Technology. It was during this course that my interest in fashion photography blossomed. I have made the decision that this is the direction I want my professional photography career to head.

This blog will follow my progress as I attempt to gain a foothold into this challenging and competitive field of photography. It will also look at my current and past work as a photographer with the RAAF.

A note I will make is that all the imagery I will show from my career with the RAAF is copyright Department of Defence. I will talk about this further in future post.

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  1. Hi! I absolutely love your work and would love to contact you about possibly using one of your photographs for the front page of an organization's, The War on Children, web page. I wanted to get your terms and approval before doing anything and would love to hear back from you. The organization focuses on educating the public on the trials children face all over the world and how they can help. We have just started, however, soon we hope to be doing community outreach programs as well as fundraising events. If you would be kind enough to shoot us a message at our email address regarding use of your photography we would be very grateful!